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For our readers who are less familiar with the midwifery model of care, one of the guiding principles for midwifery care is to work in partnership with our clients though her care.   We provide education and access to information while supporting her knowledge and understanding of their own body; we tune our services to her individual needs.  Because educated and informed decision-making is central to midwifery care, we support our clients in making well-informed choices by providing access to information.

It is so important for a woman to make choices from a place of clear understanding of all options available to her, that her choices are based on her needs as an individual and that she is making choices she feels is confident in.  We hope you’ll find some stimulating and interesting information here that can help answer questions or provide you with a further insight to the world of midwifery care.

The Aurora Birth Center is nestled in the cozy historic town of Aurora, OR halfway between Portland and Salem.  We provide midwifery care to women from Portland to Salem and throughout the Willamette Valley.

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